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The Etiquette of Vomiting

Word of the day: Vomiting (also throwing up or emesis) is the forceful expulsion of the contents of one's stomach through the mouth and sometimes the nose.

They sentenced him for four years; three for disdaining religion and one for insulting the Egyptian president.

As a blogger, I wouldn't say that I'm an active one. I don't give a rat's ass about most stereotypically popular blog pages out there. I don't usually post what I think on current affairs and events. Frankly, I keep my opinions to myself most of the time. Commenting on a blog isn't going to change the world, but sadly not a lot of people know that. It's good that they don't though. Let them keep their pathetic hope if it makes them happy.

My curiosity drove me into checking a few "popular" blog pages to see the origin of that dude's mess. I typed in URLS of blogs that I'd vowed never to check into again and voila. I got all the info I needed; things that I think I already knew.

I often find myself disagreeing with what they say. I don't think it's a matter of education or how a person's raised that makes people differ in opinions. I don't think it has to do with freedom of thought and speech either. I think it's a question of alliance… and I don't think I care enough to elaborate on that issue. I'll just exercise my freedom to blog in way that should be enough to satisfy my own head.

So back to the main issue… I checked their pages and… well, why am I not surprised?

They're all on his side, supporting him, encouraging him to go forth, to exercise his "rights".

What a load of crap!!

The right hemisphere of my brain, the one that gathers the data, seriously judges that dude. It tells me that he's an idiot, a hypocrite, a nobody who wants to feel important, a false ally to those who don't give a damn. The right side of my brain wants him dead, out of the picture; fears that he could set the wrong example in a world that needs no more examples. We've got too much shit to deal with and we need no more bullshitters. My left hemisphere, however, the one that analyzes shit, feels sorry for him. I hated the fact that I was sure that nobody really ever sat down with the dude and talked to him; like really talked to him. Asked him what's up and why?

The way I see it, I think that a lot of us need to be asked that… but that just says a lot about our educational system, I guess... and the downhill keeps getting steeper.

The way I see it, the dude's gonna get out of jail hating religion even more, with plots of revenge against his homeland. Best case scenario… he'll just up and leave. Overall, it won't get any better.

That's one thing I never get about punishment. I don't get how it can make you a better man. I don't get how prison time can make you healthier in the mind. Rehabilitation my ass!!

An exorcist would have done a better job… at least he'd have good intentions.

Yeah well…

He had 280 comments on his last blog post. Most of which were either serious insults or words of love and encouragement. "Encouragement" went beyond just commenting and into publishing the issue on Pajamas Media. The issue, of course, was beautifully written by one of the "popular" bloggers who managed to gain 12 comments.

In fear that freedom's on the hunt, one blogger claimed that he's considering leaving the country , but doesn't want to go to the gulf because they don't have alcohol and YouTube. Another blogger defended human rights by defending Mahfouz and his batteekh novel Awlad Haretna (Children of our alley) and AbdulWahab's Men Gheer Leeh lyrics. I have to admit that a couple "educated" bloggers out there managed to grab a lot of details on the issue, but I'd advise them to focus on stating facts and not try to state their opinions before thinking twice about the things that matter.

I have the right to vomit anywhere it pleases me, they said. The toilet isn't comfy anymore.

They might as well take a piss in our ears, I'd say.

Now here's a scary thought; if people decide the righteousness of a blog post based on the number of comments it gets, then I must be very wrong, huh.

I'd say gather up all the "educated, popular, and objectivist" bloggers out there and get them their own damn blogosphere; one that would get them their own set of human rights.

Religion, country… whatever…

I'd say love it or leave it… just shut the fuck up!!

Feel free to quote me on that one.

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