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Only in Egypt - Chapter 2

The following article was stupid enough to catch my attention.

Monday, July 2, 2007
Al Ahram Nespaper

طرح أراضي مطروح الموجود بها ألغام للاستثمار

100 جنيه للفدان بشرط تطهيره و زراعته (و البقاء على قيد الحياة)

قرر مجلس امناء الاستثمار بمطروح طرح الأراضي التي توجد بها ألغام متخلفة عن الحرب العالمية الثانية في المحافظه بسعر مائة جنيه للفدان للمستثمرين بشرط قيام المستثمر بتطهير الأرض من الألغام على نفقته الخاصة و زراعتها لمدة ثلاث سنوات متصلة داخل كردونات المدن و القرى. و قال محمد الشحات محافظ مطروح: أن القرار هدفه التشجيع على ازالة الألغامو زيادة الرقعة الزراعية.(و تخفيض الكثافة السكّانية).

Oh well…

No comment.

It may seem to you like an awfully bad idea man, but coming to think of it, it is a sound and quite profitable investment, plus when you do the mine removal you should manage to get professionals ya3ni, mesh ay 7ad..

strange thing is that private entities are no longer allowed to do mine sweeping; this kinda service is monopolized by the egyptian army!! it's a new way to make more money both way (and decrease population considering how good the army's work is)

Well... To sell a piece of land owned by the government for that price is ridiculous. I mean I know that whatever the price is the money would eventually go into the pocket of some gov't entity... but 100 LE per acre is Casper and Gambini's minimum charge for one sitting.

It's more profitable for the Gypo military to buy mine sweeping equipment and train a special force to sweep it all off... then they can sell it for 20,000 pounds per acre after they're done.

Pure economics mate.

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