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Finish at least one screenplay.
Lose the extra weight.
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Follow the White Rabbit

I am a believer in Allah. I don’t get atheists. If you ask me, I’d say they’re only saving themselves the trouble of finding the right religion, exerting a bit of an effort to please God Almighty; plain lazy.

I believe that everything that happens has already been written.
So… are we mokhayyareen or mosayyareen? (The eternal question of people who think too much: Does freewill exist or are we just puppets with our parts to play?)
Oh we’re definitely mokhayareen, but since God is GOD, HE already knows which ekhteyar we are going to make. For stupid people who think that we’re only puppets, I’d ask them if they’ve ever made any decision. If not, then seek therapy. It won’t work. All psychiatrists are conmen who’re good at bullshit, but at least their suicides will be justified from their medical records.

Why am I writing this? Well, I figured that I should Write Out Loud. I spent the entire weekend thinking about one single notion, turning it around, trying to find the perfect position where all things make sense.

If my life could be sketched in a form of a map, where the Xs imply the points where I have or should have learned a certain lesson, where the Os signify the points of action I’ve taken… can a person foresee how he’d react the next time anything happens? Could a person foresee the things he’d stumble across on his way towards salvation?

If life is a pattern, no whys would be asked.
Only whens.

I usually don’t dwell on things, but as I’ve come across a certain issue three times with three different people, I couldn’t help but notice a certain pattern mapping out certain stages of development.

Stage 1: I made a choice regarding how that matter should be pursued; accordingly, getting rejected in the process.
Stage 2: Humiliation: The only stage persistent to exist in all forms of recovery, development, and management. Some people are unbelievable.
Stage 3: Rejection of something or someone, bearing previous experiences in mind.

Stage 4: ???

Wouldn’t a person be punished in his donya for kicking a cat around, lying, backbiting, yelling at his parents, etc?
Are they known patterns or could it be that everything is a test?
I’d always go for the test theory. I’ve failed many tests in the past and I pray I wouldn’t fail many more.
In the end, our deeds are not what grant us Heaven. Allah’s mercy does so.

Allahomma Er7amna.

That’s quite a general and unjust judgment you made towards atheists. Some of them might be guilty of atheism due to laziness in finding the “right” religion however that makes them equally as lazy as theists that don’t believe in the religion they practice and purely go through the motions but are too lazy to find out for themselves what their truth is. I also know atheists that are so because they troubled themselves (as you put it) quite a bit and did extensive research in religion and science and as a result chose to become atheists. And I bet you they’ll have a great response for any proof you throw at them that God does exist based on their extensive knowledge of world religions.


1. It doesn't take a smart man to presume the notion of creation. And not just incarnation of forms. I'm talking about origins here.
2. "I bet you they’ll have a great response for any proof you throw at them that God does exist based on their extensive knowledge of world religions." - Do you have any response of your own? Have they given you any reasoning worth mentioning here or are we just betting that they "probably" may throw in a discussion of value?
3. Nevertheless, if they have so did their part by extensively researching the matter and still can't find the "right" religion, shouldn't that strike you as odd at all?
It's not just that we were born Muslims or Christians or whatever.. It's the trial to understand why this and not that that makes us better people, but to discard it all and hope that, once dead, we're going to transform into a worm by chance or into a butterfly as a reward by Mother Nature.. that's some major load of crap if you ask me.
Let crap flourish and knock itself out, only not on my plate.
Or maybe it's the other atheist notion that life is finite and that once we're dead, that's it. No more. No reward nor punishment for our deeds on Earth...
I don't buy it.

Thanks for dropping by even though this discussion had nothing to do with my post.



I believe that our whole lives are just results to failures or succeeding in the test that have been thrown our way. It is very naive & childish it may seem to most, but I have an answer to everything that happened in my life. I can understand why people suffer "unjustly" as people say.

I believe that God is so Just & Fair though that goes against everything we are made to believe in looking at our desitinies.

I believe that everything makes sense....


I can't spot the rabbit....

RR, I have a response and I have their reasons that are worth mentioning but no time to post today. I'll get back to you tomorrow.

True, Jade.

Max.. the rabbit got pissed off and left.

Ngirl.. sure thing.

u tackled a point that really gets on my nerves, we are mokhayareen ppl.... i hate it when ppl come and say things like, da el maktoob and it wasn't really my choice... it's crap, we have a choice, every day, every moment, the fact that the outcomes of our choices are known to God does not mean we have less of a choice...

i am sorry, i had to say it again although you said it well :) and yeah i agree with Jade... the one thing i don't get much is some ppl's amazing capability of harming others for the sake of it... naive, i know

Ok I’m back. And btw, I’m not an athiest I just felt that your judgment of them was a bit harsh. So here’s my response to your points:

1. Atheists do not believe in reincarnation. That would mean you’d have to believe in the soul and spirituality, etc.. Athiests are a lot more scientific about their beliefs.
2. A lot of religious questions can only be answered with the words “blind faith” where as an athiest can answer most questions thrown at them with scientific proof or logic. I won’t go into specific examples because that would take too long but do you get my point? They have proof whereas we have "you just have to believe".
3. Honestly, it doesn’t strike me as odd at all. I can see why many people are drawn to atheism. These are the people that need to see it to believe it and no religion offers that.
4. For most people fear in making the right choices in their lives makes them better people but the athiests that I know are pretty decent individuals who have higher morals than most religious people I know; even when the religious ones have rules guiding them in the choices they make.

I’m sorry I took the discussion on a tangent here. I was just stuck on that comment you made and it made it difficult for me to focus on the actual point of your story.

Peace :)

Dear Nadine,

I usually get harsh whenever I feel en elle oddamy beyestahbel. Like I said, I don't mind them existing in the world. I just don't want their blindness around me.

1. You're not exactly talking about L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology are you? I hope not.

2. WE don't HAVE to believe as you so eloquently stated. It's to have faith in God. To know that Allah SWT is the creator of it all. Homma 3ayzeen eih? en rabbena yenzellohom ye2ollohom pleeeeeease e3bodoony?
eih el habal da? 7aga te2ref.

3. It strikes me as 3alamat el sa3a.. and it should damn well strike you as odd, my friend. How do you know for sure that your car was made by some german people? Did you see them? No you didn't.. yeb2a you should doubt it until Mr. Benz yeegy ye2ollena please believe me. I made that fucking car.
It's the same thing with the world. If they need to see God in order to believe that he made the world, yeb2a they're in deep shit, my friend.

I can't continue.. but I hope that my point was made clear.

Cheers.. :)

You know we can go back and forth like this forever but I'll spare you this time :)

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