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What the fuck is wrong with people?!

Ten years ago, Egyptian didn’t even know what a cell phone was. Now, it’s the only means of contact available. It’s like we’ve all turned into fish, swimming with the waves of cell phone signals.

Now when the network’s not available, I just smile.

Working at a service oriented organization means that you must have clients. Egyptian clients are the worst. They somehow always feel the need to swipe their I-know-the-fucking-manager card in your face whenever they feel low on their profile. But then again, that’s not why I’m writing this.
I’m writing this because… I HATE MY CELL PHONE.

No matter how different my ring tone is, it only takes one week for me to absolutely loathe it. Why is it that a business card’s not enough? I can understand why the address doesn’t help a client… but what about the office numbers? WHAT ABOUT THE FUCKING EMAIL ADDRESS YOU FUCKING BASTARDS? If emailing isn’t convenient for you, then perhaps you’d like me to bend over you fucking retards.

Why the hell do they all ask for the inglorious mobile number?

The only problem is, sometimes potential lurks within the deep and dirty mysteries of the request. Eventually, sometimes I just give it out.

And… it never stops ringing now. I hate my number, I hate my jasjam.

If I could, I’d totally give my phone the finger.

Yo!! When I went to Egypt - the maid had a phone (her salary is 300le) the garbage man had a phone, the na2ash - koloh beyetkalem ya me3alem.

On another note - what the hell is up with ring tones... ever since I had my own mobile - it's just been the "ring ring" tone - what's wrong with that huh? Why must I hear 10000 different disgusting 8bit music pieces that are painful to my ear?

As for you! Dont give your mobile number - if you must write the wrong one - if you cant - change your line now - or just by a new one & when you get home put the business one on Silent & the new personal one on.

LOL at giving your phone the finger - I've smashed mine against the floor a 100 times!! LOL

I HATE MP3 RINGTONES... and I can't believe the annoying little shits who feel the need to listen to the entire fucking song before answering their phone.

My current ringtone is from 24... a cool ringer. My mother hates it though. :P
My last two tones were my ever indispensable nokia tune and a Russian Korbochka piece.

I wouldn't get two numbers cos that'll be one big mess that I can't live with. Two numbers -> Two phones -> More calls. I should definitely try giving out the wrong number. Gives out an excellent message. If only one could pick that message's wording. O, the rush of the wicked thoughts mesmerize me.

Today... I turned off my phone all day. It felt gooood!

Clients can be entered into a 1 week program and cured. Just ignore the hell out of them, and eventually they'll stop calling and find other means. Tried & proven efficient.

What annoys the crap out of me though is bosses who give themselves the right to call at any hour of the day just to share with you a fleeting thought or an inkling of a plan. Mine calls at 9 am on Friday - at 3:30 pm on Saturday - at 11 pm any day of the week. Like it's her god-given right to intrude like this. I'm expected to take notes while I'm driving and to be 100% understanding when she talks about the details of the details and expects me to figure out what the F she's talking about !

/me flips boss one!

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