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Only in Egypt


And so I was passing on Makram Ebeid Street the other day when I saw a car that was so messed up, I didn't even know it was a car until I got closer to it. It looked more like a decomposing tank from WW2.

A couple meters ahead, I couldn't help but notice a door chained to a light pole. If it was up to me, I'd label it the Eighth Wonder of the World. Yup… you won't see this anywhere else. Right here… in my beloved Egypt. Some dude saw me taking these pictures and kept staring at me until I left; probably thinking I'm a tourist. Well... my staring, nosy friend, a tourist wouldn't take these pictures, he'd probably freak out and run home.

My mother later explained to me that there's probably a place that sells doors right where that pole's located… One really must respect their low budget advertising technique, don't you think?

I would miss this if I ever left.

تحيا مصر


nice hehe

You know how when you see a chocolate ad you think "Hey... I want me sum snickers". Maybe it's the same thing. You're driving/walking/flying and you pass by this door chained to a lamp post and you think "Hey... I need to replace my apartment's door ever since it was stolen by the infamous 'door bandits'! Thankfully, this door chained here to this lamp post reminded me! And oh... What is this? A place that sells doors?! Why I'll be damned! Isn't this my lucky day?!"

Here's something else. I was walking in Korba when I saw this textile store that was having a sale and they had this sign in the window that says "فرصه" and then below it they wrote in English letters "FORSA". Needless to say, I love passing by that store. Reading that sign just brightens up my day!

They probably do it on purpose to keep us happy.

Oh and btw I'm not exactly sure, but I think that door's located on Ahmed Fakhry street. I'm not totally sure, but it's right before you take a left turn off to the "other" Nasr City Police Station.

Oh well.. Idefinitely would start making this a new hobby of mine. The power of observation's a dangerous batteekh.

Amazing! Great pictures, you are talented.

Driving here makes me miss all the fun, my is aim to get to the other end of the road ( which is NOT easy, Nu-Uh), so I can't look at pavements, or people (except at those I'm about to run over).... let alone, the time to take pictures... I envy you haha! Enjoy your observing, those pictures cracked me up!

I repeat:

I think I have seen some very similar looking cars driving on the roads here in Egypt.
Please tell me where the door shop is.. that picture reminded me that I need a new door.

Makram Ebeid it is. right near the end of it.

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