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The Cable Guy

I have made it known that I’m a “member” of the Shop’N’Ship community at Aramex in a previous post. I have made it known that I’m addicted to it, that I love their service level… that they’re on the verge of making me a poor man and yet I’m loving it.

All the love poetry I’ve planted in my head burned to ashes when I encountered the real urban legend CABLE GUY (Jim Carrey’s 1996 film). He’s a man who’s been delivering packages to me since late 2005. He’s also a small-potatoes client at the bank where I work.

My delivery destination was set to be my home address on the application form. I called in once to ask the delivery man to send ONE shipment to my work address due to the fact that no one will be available at home to collect it. That was a one time thing in May 2007.

They’ve been sending packages to my office ever since. The dude said that it’s easier to send it to the office because there’s a better chance that I’m at work than my parents being up and available at home to collect it.
His mind was set… and the decision was made.

But that… still… ain’t the problem.

Last week he dropped in two packages. The second one, he asked me to check that the contents were all there. He said that they accidentally delivered the package to someone else who refused to collect or pay for it.
The package was already opened.

As a joke, the “delivery guy” said that I don’t even have to sign for it cos the other guy already did.
(I should sue them shouldn’t I? Claim that I never got it)

I didn’t say anything. I figured that multinational companies handle email complaints far more effectively and I knew that a fucking ma3lesh from the dude would probably ruin my day after I cut his throat.

Now here’s what he did. He tipped himself four pounds out of my money. I mean WTF you know. Then he says… ‘I’m going to drop by tonight at your place after my shift to borrow a couple of DVD movies to watch’.


He’s not asking. He’s fucking telling me that he’s going to do it.
I was stunned!! Under normal circumstances I would have yelled, shouted, kicked… I would have savaged the motherfucker. But I was just stunned. He’s got balls… Only he doesn’t know that when you’re wearing a multinational company badge or wearing their uniform, you’re not speaking on your sick brain’s behalf only.
I told him to call me if he plans on dropping by and not just drop by.

He called me up 8 am three days later. I didn’t answer the phone. He drops by at the bank (no packages to deliver) just to tell me that he was dropping a package nearby and wanted to inform me that he wants to watch a new movie and that he already has Swordfish so he wouldn’t be borrowing it from me.

Then right before leaving, the shit-for-a-brain dickhead says ‘I have a film by Kevin Costner and Kurt Russel called 3000 Miles to Graceland… and it’s UNCUT and everything’.

I mean WTF????!!!!

PORN??!!! You fucking maggot!!!

I emailed them a day before about the opened package, but all they said was ‘We’re sorry and we’ll deliver all packages to your residential address from now on.’

Oh well…

Now here’s my question… I could so easily get this guy in trouble by calling and asking to speak to the manager who probably never saw my complaint. (Unlike what we do at where I work where email complaints are considered high priority and go directly to the CEO’s office. I’ve had my share of those.)
However… mesh 3ayez a2ta3 3eesho… but every time he drops by he stuns me with his intrusion on my personal affairs.

Uncut you dickless shit?!

I’ll just yell at him…
But what if he breaks my packages?

Should I call Aramex, complain, and ask them to sign a disclaimer that if I report damaged packages after signing for them that they would provide me with suitable and accurate compensation for damages incurred?

What the fuck is wrong with Egyptians? Once they have your cell phone number, they think they’re family? Friends?

A number’s a number… isn’t it?

OMG, you can't be serious!!!!

i totally get why u don't wanna report him, but come on, keda howa elly beye2ta3 3eesh nafso...

i think u should contact aramex and tell them to change ur delivery guy and while they're at it they should make sure they deliver to ur home not ur workplace... when they ask u why, tell them that ur the client and u don't need a better reason!!
if they say any crap like "man2darsh ya fandem without a written complaint, u know the cocept "e3mel magoon" and threaten u'd contact the franchisor bla bla bla... u say ur a regular client, they wouldn't take u lightly :)

or, since he's a client at your bank, u can find ways to scew him to an extend he'd forget harrassing u :)

Insomniac always amuses me with her plans & tactics to customer complaints... Lol! Seriously! She should be hired as a customer service manager & I am sure her team will commit suicide before a month has passed but she'll keep the clients happy...

as for your post...
Just talk to the guy... be straight forward with him - walah te2ta3 3eisho walah 7aga.. better yet - give him attitude - he doesnt dare break your packages.

jade, no one NO ONE would ever work for me, i am a terrible boss..... and there is no way in hell i would work in customer service; customers are crazy man!! i know that because i am one myself

as for giving the guy attitude, i don't think the type RR described, responds to that... but hey, you would know better RR

I say quit your job, change your house, and you're name while you're at it!

The guy is a freak!!!!!

Hahahahahah! I would hate to be you now!

I think i remember trying to convince you to let me just buy the crap for you from the states... and you going on and on about how great this was! Hahahahah!
Nora 1 - Raven 0


Nora.. evil you! :P
Alright you win... now you better have a large suitcase dedicated just for my stuff.

Talk to the guy eh bas?! You've been abroad keteer shaklek. In Egypt you don't talk. Mesh 7ayefham ghaleban.

I'll probably call Aramex and ask for someone else to deliver my stuff.

PS. Nora, changing an identity in Egypt needs investigation we bta3.. Investigation that needs rashwa to be processed usually. So I think I'll pass and keep my name. :)

I should have registered under Ragin' Raven shouldn't I?

he'll do by my suggestion (hahahah)

insomniac:1 - Jade:0 - Nora:0

and seriosly nora, if ur gonna give raven suitcase states, u gotta count me in :))))

Find your own suitcase. :P

Hmm, I will only share my suitcases if we say that I won this little game!

Nora 5 Raven 0 Insomniac 0

I am immature and I am ok with that!!!
So, do we agree? I won????
(As soon as you agree please e-mail me your shopping lists!) :o)

umm.. Let me think.


No deal.

I can not allow evil to win. :P I'd rather buy Egyptian stuff and watch them decompose upon buying them.

OK. Have it your way....

*Nora opens her suitcases full of really REALLY cool things*

Are you sure you don't want anything?

but i don't mind if you win nora... u can always win if i get suitcase space...i will mail you the shopping list nora :)

(raven, this is no room for ideals man..... i will get my suitcase alirght, we'll see who laughs last :p :p)

eh da? Eih el bee3 da?

NO. No no no.

NO no.

I.. hate you!

Well... grrr... alright. Where's my suitcase?

It'd better not be the pink one.


I knew you would all come around!


So.. someone remind me.. what was the score?

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