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    Wanting people to listen, you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you'll notice you've got their strict attention.
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Tapping at my chamber door

In 2008, I'll Get Me A Shotgun

I will also:
2. Get closer to
Job hunt some more.
4. Get closer to my
5. Learn a new language.
Finish at least one screenplay.
Lose the extra weight.
8. Get a
driver's license. I will not buy a car.
9. I will
rule my world.
10. I will have my

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Comme ci, comme ça

I think that I’ve already used that title before. Not sure. Don’t care.
I’m not a big fan of the French language, but the truth is, I do find it appealing at times… and of all the words in the language… I find comme ci, comme ça to be my favorite phrase.

Don’t ask me why. The word just expresses a haunting mood of mine in a very… sautéed manner.
It says so much about everything.

Yesterday… someone mailed me a present. Four packs of Lipton Caramel Vanilla tea attached to a lovely note, a funny little wink, and a captivating story to tell. I keep looking at the packs… and I’m all speechless.
How could I be such a ranter on my blog and yet… they manage to steal away my words, I wonder?
Thank you, love.

I have changed for a better me; that I know… short time… short notice. Am I ready for this? Am I prepared? Why did I use the word ‘fear’? Isn’t fear as a word supposed to be accompanied by the actual feeling of being afraid? Why am I confident about this even though we’re clashing?
Why does my mind feel at ease? How did I manage to finally ignite the flames?
This is all new to me. Do forgive my silliness.

I’m not a hypocrite, but I’m also not easy. I have my own little world developed in my head; my own little private party with ghouls and warlocks and angels and demons all floating around waiting for me to decide on what music to be played.
The truth is… I can’t decide. I’m a cross of them all.

I am not easy. Would you be willing to bear with me, with my doubts… with my assumptions…
With my tastes of music?

Would you be willing to dig into my dark mine?
The truth is… I don’t know what you’d find…
Would you open that door, to join me on my own ride? My head has got its own highway, its own music…
Its very own wind of change.

I can’t promise anything…

I am my very own comme ci, comme ça, tauntlessly.

Here’s another piece of the truth... I can’t speak French. I can only speak Arabic and English. I can say Je ne parle pas Français and Iuo non Capisco L’Italiano.
I am a fan of catchy phrases that sound enchanting to the ears though.

Care to join my private party?
Care to learn my own language… my language that I clearly don’t always understand myself?

Dude, I am glad you are happy, I am glad you are a better man, but FYI you are also becoming a weird man, I mean dude, this is so not you, probably in a good way, but, it is so not you, this is the end of an era...

And dude your posts are not depressing anymore, I mean the next thing I will walk into your blog and it is all pink and stuff... PLEASE DON'T DO THAT... NOT NOW, NOT EVER... :P

GBK, I don't mind the change friend. :)

I bet that even most of my readers wouldn't mind the change. :P

Pink? Naaah... I don't see that happening.

Maybe purple.

Well, don't talk about the readers dude, I mean you don't depress people and then tell them that life is all pinkish... You are just trying to confuse them when you act this way...

And purple.... Purple... PURPLE.... DUDE, I am so sorry, friendship is not just overrated... Friendship is over... LOL

No, friend. I'm not trying to confuse them. I'm trying to keep them entertained. Depression, Religion, Politics, Love..

who knows what I'll post about next.

And dude..
now that I see it hurts you..


Yeah, do that and you will wake the monster in me, there will be no end to the jokes and the wise ass comments.

And dude this is not entertainment, this is amnesia... I can't believe someone named Ragin Raven is talking about love... :P

Okay, seriously no purple, I swear I am gonna spread a rumor your room is painted pink if you do this :P

This chat thread is funny :)

Purple would very much suit you dear...

Allah yewafa2ak with anything you choose to venture.

Thank you Jade.

I truly appreciate it. :)

GBK.. I think I'll paint my room pink just to spite you. :P

Well paint it pink... You might spite me, but well, you will also be the talk of the town.... LOL

I don't mind baby.

Since when have I cared what people think boy?

I am confident of my sexuality brother. Pink, purple, baby blue, a fucking rainbow tattooed on my shoulder...
doesn't matter. ;)

You shall care what people think, you shall care my friend, once the fingers point to you and your rainbow tattoo, and you hear the jokes you will so care... And Baby Blue, dude stop with colors, painting an awful picture in my head... :P

P.S.: I will be the source of all the jokes, just so you know... Hope that doesn't affect our friendship...

Oh GBK..

You are tempting me to complete the picture just to be able to hit you on the head with it.

Very, very tempting, my friend.

YOU... KNOW... ME.

I am glad you are happy too!!
You deserve the best and all the happiness of the world.
Good luck with it all...

I say we all change to pink and purple just to piss GBK off!!


Nora, you really like me, don't you :)

I mean you always aim at pissing me dude...

Umm, yeah... You have a point there....
I guess it is the influence of those 6 year olds on me!!!
Damn, I think I need some mature friends!

Did you just not come back with an argument... Nora I think you have just matured and without even having those friends you just talked about :)

I cannot think of an argument...

Damn it!!!

I am ruined!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am happy, I mean really happy...

*Victory Dance*


I think I liked the two of you better when you were both strangers.

GBK your dance suits my pink/purple picture..
Now strip so we can take the picture law sama7t.

umm... I think I like it this way...

And dude pink/purple is enough, asking me to strip totally makes my fears sound true...

I'm sorry i pulled you out of your closet on my blog page.

This is a moment to remember.

Years ahead, when you're gay and famous... this page will become a tourist attraction.

Not sure I can handle your gay parades though. I mean.. we're friends and all, but dude... I'm afraid I will have to bail on you then.

Sorry man. I really am.

I think I liked it more when there was no stripping and photographs....

Ok, I am lying.. This way is so much better!!!



What closet you freak, this is not a good reputation to maintain here?

I am so gonna kick your ass... Gay parades, what, what, WHAAAAAAAAT?

Are you insane?

And Nora,

WAY SO MUCH BETTER?!!!! I mean dude, if this is entertaining then your lives are empty... I no more wanna settle in Cairo, if this is what too much free time does to people... :P

In two mere post you moved from bloody red, to pink, to purple, to fruity rainbows - with a myriad of dubious colors in between- and finally in the post where I can't seem able to post a reply there's morose black..

Too many colors dude! Too many :P

We have too much free time here????

You do realize that out of the previous 23 comments... 11 of them were from you, right?


Who is the one with too much free time?



hats off!!



I have posted them over four or five days, you have way too much free time for one day :P


Best friend here, you don't applaud Nora dude, YOU JUST DON'T....


Thank You, dude, you are good... He is probably schizophrenic....

Well... that means that you have had too much time for the past few days. You have too much time all the time...

And dude, don't talk to RR like that on his own blog! You're lucky he hasn't kicked your ass for that mistake!


So this is how you win an argument?? :P

Hmm, actually...
That was more like a feeble attempt at kissing ass. RR has some great world domination plans.. and I want to be on the safe side!!

I win arguments by stating the facts and just being so much better than you!!

Oh baby, being better than me, a dream that you can keep trying to get to, and yet you will never have :P

Pink, Baby Blue, Purple, Freaking Rainbows, does RR really seem to you like someone whose plans for world domination would work? I mean what will you both do to dominate, paint it? :P

And Ass kissing is not stating facts sweetie and I am sure the illusion of being better than me, isn't either :P

If you knew anything about battles, you would know that you should never underestimate your opponent!
Yeah, there are many colors being mentioned.. but do I have to remind you that you are the one who started the discussion of the colors?

I will just say it in the Raven's words which are more expressive than any other words:

"Ay Kalam"

what...what's wrong with purple? I just redesigned...dammit.

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