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    Wanting people to listen, you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you'll notice you've got their strict attention.
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Tapping at my chamber door

In 2008, I'll Get Me A Shotgun

I will also:
2. Get closer to
Job hunt some more.
4. Get closer to my
5. Learn a new language.
Finish at least one screenplay.
Lose the extra weight.
8. Get a
driver's license. I will not buy a car.
9. I will
rule my world.
10. I will have my

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The minutes holding me back

He looked at his Fossil chronograph time machine only to realize that he was too early. With the hours hand missing, he could only count the minutes. He could only wait with his best friend, the curse of patience that was handed over by the gods upstairs; the gods who gave him the power to wait for a thousand years, but failed to give him one missing hand for his watch.

But as he grew he only became certain that he didn’t want to tell time anymore. He didn’t want to feel late. He knew that only like this, frozen, will he ever possess the wild and untamed nature of hope.

And so he waited for thousands of minutes staring at the face of his one armed watch, the face that he now knows better than his own…

waiting for something to change his life forever.

"He didn’t want to feel late. He knew that only like this, frozen, will he ever possess the wild and untamed nature of hope"

Words fail me to express the connection... Without an ID that tells the years I've walked the earth, Without a bank account that tells how much I'm worth, Without a Watch, Without a Plan, Without Dreams... I have the ability to float through life like a Feather in the Wind... & I dont ever feel late, feel failutre, or feel lost... I believe in the gods upstairs that gave me the untamed nature of hope... Hope for a life full of satisfaction... in the smallest little things. Without having to ever look at the watch I never wear on my wrist & wonder "What's next", or "How Far along have I come"

No more can be said.. I know you understand.

I pray you find your peace & your patience to be well worth the wait. A life change is in the making everyday of our lives, so in your wait... be careful not to over look the little blessings/curses that take place that do change us forever... for life leaves us too hasty & in our rush - we just dont see...

God Bless...

Actually I only bought a watch a little over a year ago. I bought it because the moment I saw it, I said to myself 'this is me'.
Before that... Time was merely the digits that my cellphone summoned for me every time I answered a call.

I do understand. :)

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