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Tapping at my chamber door

In 2008, I'll Get Me A Shotgun

I will also:
2. Get closer to
Job hunt some more.
4. Get closer to my
5. Learn a new language.
Finish at least one screenplay.
Lose the extra weight.
8. Get a
driver's license. I will not buy a car.
9. I will
rule my world.
10. I will have my

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I haven't done it in quite a while, stare outside my window. Even though it's free, casual, and not at all striking, it still brings me joy.

Even though today was as dusty and windy as a war zone, I still manage to catch the crescent of the new month, Rabei Al Awwal. It's the same month that Prophet Muhammad PBUH was born. We celebrate his birth by buying candy that tastes bad and rots our teeth. We celebrate his birth, which happens to be a national holiday, by staying home, sleeping all day long, swallowing that candy, and maybe partying all night. It sucks that some people… most people… have forgotten what his birth really meant.

Oh well… back to the main course of action, my window. Outside there's a star, brighter than the sun. It's always there, floating still in its very own ravishing galaxy. I'd like to think that it's Venus, but I'm not so sure. I've always wanted to own a telescope. I'd buy one if someone would tell me how to get one in Egypt. I'd buy one off Amazon if Egypt wouldn't triple charge me the bloody customs. Yeah well… I guess I'll have to settle for buying DVDs online; even with the customs added they still by far cost less than at Virgin Mega stores.

Outside my window, they're shooting fireworks to celebrate some minor victory in a third class soccer match. I've always loved fireworks. There's something about them that just takes your breath away, especially if it’s a cool night and you're at a beach. Tonight it reminded me of a night that I haven't remembered in ages. It was December 1, 1996. The 1st of December happens to be the national Independence Day at the UAE. It was my last winter there. My friends and I went to the beach, lied down on the sand with Pepsi in our hands and watching the fireworks shoot all night. It was a cool night. We were such a close bunch. 1996 was the first year that they decided to use laser in their fireworks sequences. They painted eagles and stars across the sky. They shot up one laser beam starting off at Baynona Tower. Apparently, the laser reflected off something and onto my brother's car. The next morning when we checked his car, the color was a bit defected. It was too funny we didn't even care… but the color gradually got back to its original white.

Times changed and me and my friends from that night grew up. We are no longer 15. We no longer talk. At that time, they were my best friends. Funny!

Khaled and Mostafa… hope that wherever you are they still shoot fireworks.

I should definitely be looking outside my window more often.

Who knows what the skies might bring?

No WAY! You lived in Abu Dhabi?! I lived in Abu Dhabi! What's creepier was that I left in '96 as well! Gosh, I miss everything about it. The Tourist Club (Did you know that they recently demolished it), Slushies, the old and new market (Indian and Paki's rule!) Abu Shakra (The one here sucks!) Lebanese and Indian food, Fanfare chocolate, Kickers (I wore nothing but Kickers growing up), the recycling machine infront of the Co-op, Marina club, the circus next to the Tourist Club every Eid, Islamia English School, my friends, Maged Magazine, Shiekh Zayed ( I loved that man!) and a million other things. I mostly miss how simple life was back there.

Not only that I lived there. I was also born there, raised there, lived there for 15 beautiful years. I think that the reason we only saw the beauty in it is because we were kids without any responsibility or a job to care for whatsoever. However, it still glorifies as my best years.

Remember that Shallal they had there? DID YOU KNOW THAT THEY'VE ACTUALLY DEMOLISHED IT AS WELL???? It was heartbreaking for me. I loved that thing. I even loved the damn orange trash bins they had everywhere.

Hmm.. I should write a post about it :D

This is bitter sweet!

Raven (I still don’t get the reason behind your love for that poem),
I’ve been doing this thing recently, and it’s so soothing.. After praying fajr, I get sometime (something like an hour and a half) before getting ready to go to my new worky work.. I pray, and then go back to bed (which is right next to my window that doesn’t have sheesh :[ ), and pull the curtains and while lying in my bed, I stare at the sky.. Just gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaze at it.. The sun gradually rises and light fills the room.. It’s been like two weeks now that I’ve been doing this, and trust me, it’s so comforting.. And everyday is different! I love it when a new day comes.. And get paranoid when it ends..

Raven and Garfield,
Nothing ever stays the same.. Ever.. In 1996 I was only 10.. But let’s see.. That fountain (nafoora) that changes it’s color is removed (that one that was on the beginning of the corniche).. I remember always being scared of it.. Especially when having to sit on it’s borders to get a picture.. But I was so upset not finding it there no more..Tourist club khalas.. Majid is still there but baba doesn’t get it that often.. Sometimes he gets it.. But still not weekly as he used to.. And young times.. How I miss those days.. Fighting over who’s gonna read what.. Now we’re even less.. Bro studying in Canada.. Giddo passed away.. Cars are more.. Bikes are less.. Discrimination increased.. Schools turned into night clubs.. The radio is filled with offensive words.. Prostitution has become so apparent and it’s being protected by police.. Girls lost their modesty.. Guys don’t give a damn no more.. But Tola (chocolate) is still for a dirham.. Prozonic is no more prozonic.. That painting of sheikh zayed on the “kasir” has changed.. Long ago it had his feet ‘fy wishinna’, but now it has no feet no more.. YES! No parking spaces as often..

You should definitely look outside your window much much often, the sky won’t bring except all that is khair inshaAllah..

With respect,

PS. Don't know how it would feel like to come back here.. I mean I can't advice you not to, but maybe it would be better having that image for keeps.. And NOTHING EVER STAYS THE SAME..

Hey Sara,
I dunno why it's my favorite, that poem. Perhaps it's because you can read it all and not feel tired at any bit, perhaps because it makes more sense than most pieces of so-called-poetry, maybe it's the fact that it brings the worst in all of us. The guys fears all evolved as he saw that raven, perhaps as a reflection of his ugly self? I dunno.. but then again that bird is what taught humans how to bury the dead... No matter how much one's sinned, you can always get a clean slate, I pray.

Oh well, I wouldn't want to go back. There's much potential in Egypt as there is in most countries and I'd rather trade off the extra money, if any, with the fact that I won't have to fear nationalization, you know. Anyways.. I was offered a chance to go back there a couple times.. but I'm staying here to take care of my aging parents. :)

I think the fountain you're talking about was called Al Shallal back then. It was one of the landmarks that they should have kept, those idiots! and yes.. I've heard about prostitution and how women have all lost their modesty and decency over there. I couldn't believe it when I heard it at first. I remember a day when a girl wearing a short skirt walking into the tourist club and how everybody started staring at her.. Some called it hot, others were just embarrassed and felt sorry for here. Overall.. that wasn't normal. Even the definition of Normal hasn't stayed the same I reckon.

Thanks for letting me know, Raven..
"No matter how much one's sinned, you can always get a clean slate, I pray."..

Normal.. "'aadi ya'ni".. Typical words that lost their meaning..

Way to go with sticking to your parents.. How do they do it all? No really, I wonder! Ya Rabb yekono radyeen 'annak and all parents would irda 'an their kids.. I mean I'm praying for them to be radyeen, and they mostly ARE radyeen, which is crazy! No matter what I do, they shouldn't really be as radyeen as they are!! SubhanAllah!

And ya, I just asked mama about that nafoora, she said ya, it was called shallal and at other times burkan!

And regarding masr.. Well, while growing up, I’d always hear baba & mama say “inshaAllah we’ll buy this or that when we go back HOME..” And wooooooooooow! Here we are.. Still living here..

Hope that the potential you mentioned would help you all shabab alummah.. Amen.

Rabinna yestorak akhy.. Rabina yestorna gami’an fawqa alard, tahta alard wa yawma al’ard.. Amen.

With respect,

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