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Tapping at my chamber door

In 2008, I'll Get Me A Shotgun

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Finish at least one screenplay.
Lose the extra weight.
8. Get a
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I suspect...

that she's the one behind it all. That suspicion is driving me insane. The anticipation is killing me; and the thing I hate the most is the fact that I know for sure that I will never find out the truth.

During the past three weeks I've been losing a lot of work-related documents, forms signed my clients, mail that I was sending out to other department that just vanished, applications that are just impossible to replace.

I am losing my mind here.

She got transferred to our department in August 2006. I was the only fool at the branch. I actually believed her, felt sorry for her. She's got her hair dyed blonde, and she uses blue, green, grey, turquoise, and lime colored lenses. She's as fake as it gets.

Most days she just walks into the ladies room and returns with different lenses.

There is nothing honest about her. I was asked to teach her the job when she first got there. I taught her for almost three months… a record that I so disgracefully hold. It took me a week to be able to do it all by myself when I first got hired. She used to work real well when I was around, volunteer to help out when help was needed… she even reorganized my side desk drawers. I was blind enough not to see that she just set her eyes at the top guy at the place and decided to win him over. Not to brag or anything, but I did have enough influence on my managers to believe in her… at first.

She's taken almost 30-40 sick days so far. She started taking them in October.

The branch manager hasn't even written her a single warning letter yet.

It's as if she's holding some sort of leverage against the branch manager, seen her naked or something. She's well connected. Her father is a friend of the bank's chairman. I'd say to hell with it. I'm tired of "connections". Egypt does not need more corruption. She's too unqualified to do anything. She talks and looks like a freaking porn star. Nobody likes her… and the fact that she doesn't care strikes me as unbelievable insane.

I yell at her, shout at her, blame her… the problem is that I'm the only one who does that. But then I think that I might have just driven her off the edge of all reason.

They assigned her the responsibility of getting the mail ready to be sent. They said that she ain't good at anything else. The problem is… I… think… that every now and then she picks out one of my applications… and hides it or throws it in the trash.

NO… I don't have proof.

It kills me.

Sounds like you're paranoid!! ;oP
I guess that's what you get for being a banker!!

Maybe... too much movies i reckon.

Well i wouldnt say u're THAT paranoid.
SOMEONE is taking those documents.
Mail dont just disappear like thin air!


The point is that only my stuff is disappearing.

That girl is just too weird therapists should study her.

Have you ever seen the movie A Beautiful Mind?
Maybe there was no mail and it is all in your head!!!
I am still going with paranoia on that one!!!

if i'm getting a Nobel prize when I'm older and disturbed, then I don't care... let my office desk disappear. :P

isn't there a way u can have your files backed up or something, i am not familiar with your network style but i think u an ask for IT assistance, no?

Insomniac.. when I saw mail. I really mean mail :P Applications signed by clients, original corporate forms.. stuff like that.

oh, is it the girl who was always sad? i guess her charms worked on you since you were the last to realise how she really is :P
but some people are just like that and some of us suckers are too trusting.
i think you can do something. just say you want to handle your own mail because you have the time and you would like to help her with her burdain, beacuse obviously she had just too much to do :P

Guess what?!
Today I figured that I should go look for the file in the CHUB (it's where we keep our files and important stuff at the end of the day). I usually keep my stuff in my drawer since the CHUB has two locks and the branch manager (who's always late for work) holds one of the keys. Anyways..

There it was all shiny and brown. A big brown envelope stashed under four box-files. Oh well.. inside that envelope there was my file, some other girl's application dated 28-2-2007, two client account forms and three other applications). I guess that envelope was supposed to be mailed three weeks ago and didn't see the light of day. It was 5 pm when I found it and I left before knowing what'll happen to the girl. I guess they'll just warn her... and that would be it.

Is it right to always live on the assumption that humans make mistakes and nobody's perfect? I dunno... but that same assumption is the reason why we don't blame soccer players for not aiming at the goal accurately, why our illusion of democracy is flawed, why we don't bother when we have the green light pass and we still find ourselves waiting in traffic for the red light dudes to drive across... it's why we have oil, the pyramids, gold, and human resources and still we are poor and illiterate.

Yalla.. el 7amdulellah.

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